See what our customers have to say about our cleaning services.

We have used TNT Chem-Dry for years and couldn’t be happier. They are personable, professional, and do a fantastic job every time. Chem-Dry is a national brand with a great reputation for their carpet cleaning system, but not all franchises are equal. TNT Chem-Dry is obviously committed to being a top-tier provider, as they are often the first in the Nashville market to adopt the latest equipment and techniques. (The tile and grout cleaning will also do wonders!) Don’t fall for the bait-and-switch carpet cleaning scams out there. These guys are the real deal!

Mike F.

I had a great experience with TNT Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning. Will was my technician and he was professional, courteous and efficiently cleaned our den carpet. We have cats and he was able to remove the stains and odors to my satisfaction. I will call again!

Jenny W.

Nashville, TN

The best carpet cleaning we’ve ever had. Michael went beyond the call of duty to get some pretty horrific stains out. Couldn’t be more pleased. It has definitely extended the life of our carpet!

Jewel T.

I had a wonderful experience using TNT Chem-Dry! The service was fantastic, everyone was so friendly and my rug looks brand new.

Nikki B.

Very punctual, courteous and professional. Would recommend to anyone!

Amy L.

Hendersonville, TN

Did a great job removing pet urine odor from our sectional. The smell is completely gone, and it looks brand new again. Highly recommend them!

Joseph C.

They did a wonderful job!!! I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Charlene M.

Murfreesboro, TN

After a grooming, our dog’s paws started bleeding, and poor thing, she tracked blood through the whole house of light beige carpet. I am stunned that TNT Chem-Dry was able to remove the horrible stains so completely. And they made it out the next business day. Thank you!!!!

Michele P.

Franklin, TN

These guys were nice, efficient and easy to work with! Best of all, the carpets look great!

Janel B.

Arrived on time. Carpet was thoroughly cleaned and very pleased!

Andrew B.

Thank you for sending David! Very professional, friendly and came early. That work out great because I added the upstairs. Thank you for working with me! Oh yeah, did I say how good my house smells and looks!!! Wonderful job!

Jennifer X.

Nashville, TN

Our carpets look better than New! Tim was very professional and Lance did a really great job with cleaning, odor elimination and sanitizing our carpets to get rid of pet stains and odors. This is not your average 3 room special that other companies offer, but high quality service! As with most service related offerings, you get what you pay for.

Carol B.

Great!! Our carpet was nasty and hadn’t been cleaned in a few years. Lots of stains on the carpet in the dining room, and other living spaces from normal life & little kids. Now it looks so refreshed and feels so clean! They did a great job removing all the stains. Highly recommend and so glad I found them—will definitely use them as long as I have carpet!

Cassie G.

They were on time, friendly and did an overall great job.

Alicia B.

Honest and dependable. I will use TNT Chem-Dry again!

Kelly R.

Excellent work! I would definitely use them again!

Gail M.

Their service is great! Our carpets looked great when Tim finished. With their process they don’t leave a lot of water behind so the carpet dries fast. I highly recommend this company.

Rick M.

I’ve used TNT Chem_Dry for years. Professional, prompt, and great customer service. Highly recommend.

Teal S.

Very thorough and professional. They were able to remove the stain and smell of dog urine so my couch wasn’t completely ruined.

Bailie B.

I have always had a great experience with TNT Chem-Dry. The carpet is clean and dry in a short time. I’m always amazed at how much cat hair their system can pull out of the carpet. I wouldn’t call anyone else.

Jane M.

We were in a jam with a FILTHY rental (and fleas)! I called TNT Chem-Dry and they fit us in the next day. Will did an AWESOME job and was so helpful and polite. I would use them again!! Thanks so much!

Claire M.

Technician was on time, very professional did a great job cleaning the carpets. He was carefull with the vacuum hoses running them upstairs with no dammage to the freshly painted walls. A great job done for a fair price

Venus W.

Another great experience. Evan did a fantastic job. Already recommended TNT Chem-Dry to a colleague.

Adam L.

Will only use this company when getting my carpets cleaned.

Trina D.

Wonderful! Did a great job. Very pleased on everything.

Webster Y.

I have used TNT Chem-Dry on multiple occasions for carpet cleaning and stretching from pet damage. I also had them clean some tile. Didn’t realize what color my grout was supposed to be until after the cleaning. Fantastic service and professional cleaning!

Luke B.

Another great job as always!

Robert H.

TNT Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning is an outstanding cleaning service. We needed prompt service as we were moving to the Mount Juliet area. Tara arranged for our carpets to be cleaned the day prior to the movers arrive. The service tech had a high level of expertise and professionalism. Tara also arranged for a follow-up cleaning for our upholstery. Both the carpets and upholstery looked and smelled fresh with the Chem-Dry system. We will use this service in the future. I highly recommend TNT Chem-Dry!

Kathleen S.

Tim the owner of the business did our cleaning. He was knowledgable and wonderful to have in our home for 3 hours while he cleaned 3 carpeted bedrooms, 2 area rugs and 1 VERY dirty cream couch! Everything looked and felt so great after the cleaning. I highly recommend this company!

Alecia W.

David the Tech was outstanding. He was at our home for over 3 hours and was extremely thorough. When he thought he might be a few minutes late getting there he called to let me know. He called again to verify he was on his way to the house. I was impressed by how much time he took while cleaning the carpets. Very friendly and did a great job. I have used other companies in the past, never again. The carpets looks and feels new. Every stain was removed. I am very impressed overall with my entire experience with TNT Chem-Dry. Great Job!

Michael D.

TNT Chem-Dry responded quickly to my request to clean and accommodated to my schedule. They were out w/in 2days and the cleaning was just as quick as it was thorough. Amazingly removed stains from our old carpet in one room, revived and refreshed our new carpeted areas in the bedrooms. The technician was friendly and explained the process to my satisfaction. Definitely recommend using TNT Chem-Dry for your carpets.

Leigh W.

My TNT Chem-Dry service technician was friendly, professional and did exactly what I asked without charging me an exorbitant amount. Actually I was expecting it to cost a lot more so I was pleased. I would night recommend you at least get a quote because I think you’ll be very happy with the results.

Adam L.

TNT Chem-Dry always does a phenomenal job for us. We have used them several times over the years to clean carpets, rugs, tile and upholstered chairs. Most recently they cleaned our granite! It looks amazing!

Jennifer W.

Awesome job! Just had my downstairs room put back together after a burst pipe. My carpet and some furniture were in pretty bad shape due to the water damage. Tim made everything look like new! Thank you so much. If you want an awesome company to do work for you Tim at TNT Chem-Dry are the ones for you!

Kim S.

Hermitage, TN

We like the fact that all the cleaning solution is non-toxic. Our daughter is allergic to many chemical based products so we had to do our research looking for the right company to use. They did a great job with our carpet and will always use them in the future.

Mark E.

Brentwood, TN

They were professional and delivered exactly what was needed.

Dennis N.

They were great and made the carpets look and smell new. I called them and they got me in and showed up exactly when they said they would and got it all taken care. The pricing was great and worth every penny. I will be calling again.

Amy G.

Who knew that TNT Chem-dry sealed granite and tile? They did my tile, backsplashes, and granite in my bathrooms and in my kitchen in no time and there was no smell or mess they did a great job at a great price. I recommend them highly.

Rob S.

Not all carpet cleaners are created equal. This company earned my business by doing a fantastic job deep cleaning our carpets. They came to my home and stayed until the job was done. They even got rid of pet stains from my cat’s hairballs. I see so many coupons in the Clipper and other places, but they don’t deep clean your carpets. It is like they use the spit and shine process. As for me and my house, we will stick with these guys.

Rachel S.

Nashville, TN

I just moved into a new house and the carpets were very dirty in some places. The carpet is good quality and I didn’t want to replace it if I didn’t have to. The owner and a tech came to my house right on time. Tim was so very nice, explained everything to me, gave me some options and then got to work. No hi-pressure sales job.
The worst looking area was the stairs. A few stains in other areas. They worked a few hours so it wasn’t a “hit and run” to get to their next call. The carpets look great, even the stairs. I will definitely use TNT Chem-Dry the next time. I have always used Chem-Dry where ever I’ve lived because I don’t like all the soap left behind by the other guys. I can’t recommend TNT Chem-Dry enough. Good service, courtesy, and fair pricing. Even the office staff was polite and easy to make an appointment.


TNT Chem-Dry (owners Tim & Tara Outson) could not have been more thorough and efficient. Carpet looks SO clean. They were very detailed in their work. I would use them again!

Tina P.

I love having my carpets (and now my tile!) cleaned by TNT Chem-Dry! The job is always done right, in a courteous and professional manner. My floors have high traffic areas that are deplorable, and we have dogs (one that has only recently been trained.) When TNT Chem-Dry is through, my house looks and smells so clean! I highly recommend them!

S. Moody

Our technician was very professional and was even at our house early. Our carpets look awesome after the cleaning! Would definitely recommend!

Torrey S.

TNT Chem-Dry was recommended by a friend and our clean carpeting looks amazing. Great service — very professional — and I even learned a lot about carpet cleaning! I will definitely recommend to my clients and friends!

Trudy C.

TNT Chem-Dry recently cleaned our family couch which after having 2 kids was in need of a deep clean. They did a great job and the fabric looks as good as new.

Jessica D.

I seriously thought my carpet was beyond salvaging. Dark spots from where the last carpet cleaning company had evidently left too much soap. It looks so bad and we were embarrassed for people to see it. As a last ditch effort, we asked TNT Chem-Dry to give it a try to see if they could clean them (expecting only moderate improvement as we really thought the carpet was beyond saving). Not only does the carpet LOOK new but it FEELS like brand new carpet. It feels like we have new padding or something! Crazy! So happy. Overjoyed. No new carpet for us. Next, we are having them clean all the tile in our house. These people are amazing!

Lisa D.

Very professional – both from the phone call to make the appt and answer all my questions to the cleaning of the carpets. Very fair price as well. My carpets have never looked better. Will definitely use TNT Chem-Dry again and recommend them to my Nashville friends.

Lynnette W.

They did an excellent job. I would recommend them. Nice, friendly, and communicated well when we had a little sang in the plan.

Amy D.

As I am interested in only doing business with companies that are doing right by the environment and humanity, I was DELIGHTED when I discovered the carpet cleaning company I’ve been using is Green Certified and transparent with what they are using. It’s in the CHEMISTRY not the CHEMICAL’s that this company is making their mark in getting out of the carpets those unwanted smells and stains – and it truly does. I not interested in chemicals in my home. I have pets and carpet on my stairs– The stairs get so much traffic and they look new and well, the pets accidents- vanished in all ways. Plus I appreciate the fact that the owners are accessible and sometimes show up to clean your carpets. Great people, great business – I HIGHLY recommend!

Ashleigh P.

Another perfect job, as usual. This is why I have used TNT Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning for years and will continue to use them.

Rex F.

Murfreesboro, TN

We required repair to our carpeting & TNT Chem-Dry did a fantastic job! From the ease of making the appointment to the promptness & skills of the technician; are amongst a few reasons we’re glad we found TNT Chem-Dry. The results of the repair are better than the original installation provided! I would highly recommend using them!!!

Steven G.

I had a water heater go south on me in the middle of the night about a week ago. Woke up to a sloshy, smelly carpet. Visions of new carpeting (and the costs therein) started taunting me. Called TNT Chem-Dry just to give salvaging a shot. Guy came in, dried the carpet in record time then cleaned and deodorized said carpet and guess what? It’s now dry, spotless and smells….well, fantastic! Can’t do much better than that. Chem-Dry my carpet, my wallet and I thank you.

Thom F.

I just had 3 carpeted bedrooms for them to clean on move out and they did a fantastic job! Will told me in advance that they don’t guarantee spotless carpets, but they try their best. Well, they look pretty darn good. I’ll definitely use them again if I am ever in need. They were able to schedule an appointment in less than a week of my call.

Susan S.

Nashville, TN

The young man who cleaned my sofa did a great job. I’ve had TNT Chem-Dry do some cleaning before and I was pleased, so I contacted them, again. The technician did a very thorough job on my sofa, which has been used by five different pets and people. The sofa looks fantastic – I wasn’t aware that it could look as good as it does. He did a great job.I sent two area carpets with the technician to be cleaned at their facility and waiting to see the results. I’m optimistic.

E. B.

Nashville, TN

I was in a panic – my dog got really sick. I did my best to clean the mess but my second floor bedroom carpet looked like it would never be the same… It was Wednesday night, after normal work hours. I went online, clicked Get An Estimate and filled out the form. Within an hour, my phone rang. Tara was wonderful. She made me feel at ease and got me set-up with an appointment for Saturday. Will was my technician — he was professional, courteous, and super-efficient. We will be sure to use TNT Chem-Dry for ALL our carpet cleaning needs from here on out! Thanks TNT Chem-Dry team!!

Julie H.

Franklin, TN

I chose this company based on the Yelp reviews and I was very pleased with the service! We had the carpets cleaned at a home we are about to move into. Before the cleaning they were stained and dingy looking. After the cleaning they look so much better and we feel better about moving our stuff into the house because it feels so much cleaner in there now. Also, the service was friendly and on time.

Tri J.

I want to take the time to really thank Tim & Tara for making sure my entire experience was as amazing as it could possibly be. Tara made sure that scheduling the appointment was as easy as possible and worked with me to schedule around my work schedule and fit me in, even though I know that right before Thanksgiving is the busiest season for carpet cleaners, and Tim made me feel like my crazy nasty carpets were no big deal at all. And not only that. He made my carpet & sofas look amazing. I feel like I bought brand new! Now I wish I’d had him do the whole house!! I had pet stains from an elderly dog, a new cat and some spots that might have been a blend of the two, plus an a/c leak in the summer…it was a not good combination, but he just used the Chem-Dry Hot Carbonation, and it was like none of it had happened. Now my house smells amazing, my carpets look amazing, and I feel like I have a healthy home to welcome my family into! I couldn’t be happier!

Shannon A.

Madison, TN

They were great. Very friendly over the phone and in-person. The product they used, cleaned my carpets very well. I had a horrible experience with iCleanCarpet, where they showed up and tried to charge way more than advertised. I needed an urgent solution since my rooms had been completely emptied. TNT Chem-Dry showed up the very next day. It was nice to have an honest company come into my home and save the day!

Jillian F.

Nashville, TN

TNT Chem-Dry did an amazing job on my couch cleaning. Upfront & honest about the price, on location in less than an hour. I will definitely use them again!

Claire A.

Franklin, TN

We had about 25 Boy Scouts at the house during a very rainy day. They tracked an enormous amount of mud into the house and onto the carpet. TNT Chem-Dry came out within 2 days and got the carpet looking great again. But the best part was that while John was here, he saw that we had about a 2 foot spill of neon nail polish on the carpet and asked how long it had been there. We told him almost 8 years now, we had given up hope of ever getting it out. He worked his magic and you can’t even tell it was ever there! Well worth the price! Thanks again!

Doug S.

TNT Chem-Dry did a fantastic job for us! They responded quickly and were great to work with! Our carpet looks great! We will definitely use them again in the future!

Brittney J.

Nashville, TN

I will never use anyone besides TNT Chem Dry. I had the pleasure of the owner cleaning my carpets yesterday. He was very respectful of my house and very nice! That cleaning was probably the 7th one I’ve had.. I have two dogs so I like to have fresh clean carpets every couple of months. They always do an astounding job. They always explain everything they do and they give you multiple reasons for extra product they can put on your carpet. They don’t ever push you for something you don’t need or don’t want. I opt for everything because my carpets look brand new after they leave. The price is always fair and I never feel like I’ve paid too much because the work stands for the price. I recommend this company over and over to my family and friends!

Erin W.

Nashville, TN

I have had these particular carpets cleaned numerous times and the experiences were not satisfactory.
Either the cleaning team arrived much later than promised, infused too much water, which meant a very slow drying process leaving the carpets rough and hard, or the heavy traffic areas looked clean initially and then deteriorated as they dried. I am so impressed with Tim and Tara at TNT Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning. Be aware that there are many franchises and I was fortunate to pick the winners!! Tara was efficient and called me the day before as a reminder. Tim worked efficiently and quickly and 24 hours later, the carpets are practically dry and they look like new! I will gladly recommend them highly to my clients and I am delighted to have found them for future cleaning.

Sonje M.

Nashville, TN

They arrived on time and went right to work. They did an exceptional job on a very difficult carpet. I have already recommended them to several people as well as on my Nextdoor App. I will certainly use them again.

Suzanna A.

Brentwood, TN

I’ve used them several times – both at my office and home. So, I guess the fact that I keep coming back says it all. Courteous, efficient, dependable and great work.

Tim P,

Nashville, TN

TNT Chem-Dry is such a professional company. I met them at the Nashville home show and was impressed with their knowledge and the fact that they don’t use harmful chemicals. I have hired them twice and couldn’t be more pleased! My carpets look amazing and they also restore marble. My marble floor was about 39 years old and very scratched up when they started, it’s simply gorgeous now! I would highly recommend this company to anyone! Thank you for showing up for both appointments on time and for doing such a great job. Very happy customer!

Lori B.

Nashville, TN

Used TNT Chem-Dry for cleaning on upstairs carpet, stairs and 2 sofas. Fantastic job and makes such a difference. This is our second time using TNT Chem-Dry and we will make sure to call back again next year for an annual cleaning.
Brian K.

Nashville, TN

On time, friendly, and very thorough. My carpets smell and feel clean. THANK YOU TNT Chem-Dry!!!

Nashville, TN

Tara and Sebastian we’re awesome!! Sebastian was early, professional, explained everything, and did an outstanding job! Will definitely use TNT Chem-Dry again soon!
S Moon

Nashville, TN

Excellent customer service from owner and job well done cleaning rocker and love seats by the technician. Would use them again in a heartbeat!! Thank you, Tara and Zack.
Kay E.

Nashville, TN

Josh was very professional and did a great job on our carpets and bathroom tiles. We will use them again.
LeShane G.

Nashville, TN

We are very pleased with the results of our carpets and upholstery after TNT Chem-Dry cleaned them. The carpet looked like new carpet. Plus the two employees were very nice and efficient.

Laura S.

Very happy with the people over at TNT Chem-Dry. They did an incredible job for me recently. My carpets were in need of a good cleaning in a bad way and these guys provided exactly that. The technician that they sent out was very friendly and professional. He got right to work and knocked out both rooms in about an hour. Once he was done, he told us how long it would take to dry and also some tips to make the cleaning last longer which I really appreciated. The carpet turned out wonderfully and I would recommend TNT Chem-Dry in a heartbeat.

Ann W.

Brentwood, TN

John did our tile floors that were badly in need of cleaning. John was actually early for our appointment and got right to work evaluating our tile problem. After determining what our tile needed, John went to work and made the tile look as good as new. Thanks John, good job.

Wayland C.

Brentwood, TN

Great company. Courteous and timely with the service. Offered other services that would support us, but were not “pushy”.

Tanya C.

Punctual, thorough… very pleased with results of carpet and tile cleaning. Will definitely use them again!

Carol G.

Murfreesboro, TN

They can get out some pretty weird stains. I’m a landlord and have had them clean carpets at many houses. They can get out pet stains, rust, nail polish, and some other weird unidentifiable stains. Great service!

Jay Y.

Great experience – the rugs and couch they cleaned look great! He was able to get the stains out and leave us looking brand new!

Angel R.

Tim came out and did a fantastic job! Made my carpets look new again. He was professional, on time and very considerate. I feel the price I paid was very reasonable as well. I’ve used TNT Chem-Dry before and will continue to use them for all my carpet cleaning needs.

Melanie C.

I have used this company for several years. They are prompt, courteous, and do a thorough job.

Katy K.

Great job very friendly and carpets look a million times better. Love that they use chemical free!!!

Gela M.

Nashville, TN

Will (technician) was friendly, efficient and thorough. Stains were removed and my carpet looks like new! Highly recommend TNT Chem-Dry

Tori T.

I have been using TNT Chem-Dry for a few years. This time, they cleaned the den, kitchen, and bedroom, and it looks pretty good. Their technician was professional, and he did a really nice job. They were on time, and I was very satisfied with their work. Their customer service was good, too. They were very courteous, and they got someone out here when I needed them. I felt that their pricing was also good, and I will use them again.

Peggy B.

Murfreesboro, TN

I am from out town and needed the carpets cleaned in our rental property. They scheduled me quickly took care of it without me being there. I can’t express enough about excellent service I received.

Cheryl T.

Excellent grout cleaning! Should have taken before and after pics because I am super impressed. Also great results on my carpet stains!

Britt M.

Tim did a great job as usual. He showed up at my home on time and did a very thorough and efficient cleaning. He has also provided the same exceptional service at my office carpets.

Richard K.

Did a great job. Very professional. Quite satisfied.

Dean C.

Very good job! On time! Very professional. Will definitely use again

Carol P.

My dad is old and pees himself. You had already done my house, and I was happy, but when you did his I was amazed that it could smell normal again.

Joe K.

We had a great experience with TNT Chem-Dry. They were on time and explained everything thoroughly. They were competitive in price and very efficient. I have used other carpet cleaning services and they did not do the job as well. Plus they used more water which left the carpets wet for a long time after. That is definitely not what I wanted. I would recommend TNT Chem-Dry and I will be using them again myself.

Susan M.

Very pleased with the service you guys provided. The carpet in the bonus room looks so much better!! The technician was very professional. I will be calling again.

Christy S.

Mt Juliet, TN

Great job very friendly and What can I say that hasn’t already been said. The service tech called ahead of the appointment to let us know he was coming, price was the best out there and the finished product was second to none. I’ll never use another carpet cleaner – not even another Chem Dry. TNT Chem-Dry goes above and beyond. I guess that’s why they keep winning awards.

Steve M.

Nashville, TN

I have a seven month old Great Pyrenees rescue who is still having difficulty recognizing the difference between inside and outside. The urine smell was becoming unbearable. TNT Chem Dry is everything they advertise. Our technician was amazing, the pet smell is gone! I’d recommend them highly!

Keith L.

I called with a timely need to have cleaning done. They came next day were prompt, fast, thorough and friendly. My technician JUSTIN was very knowledgeable and pleasant and really put hard work into lifting pet coffee and wine stains off a WHITE CARPET which is totally clean now no stains at all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company. Organic products, dries fast- a little higher than some companies price wise but WELL WORTH IT. Tech explained all my options price wise and I went with the full service. Will be using them again to do my great room asap. VERY TRUSTWORTHY, HONEST and quick! SAFE FOR PETS. VERY HELPFUL with moving items around, etc to accommodate cleaning. EXCELLENT COMPANY!

Jodi M.

We just purchased a home that needed a lot of cleaning. Initially we were going to have just the carpets cleaned but TNT Chem-Dry also cleaned our tile in the kitchen and shower. They even sealed and polished our granite countertops which made a huge difference! We had some pet accidents in the living room and that smell is now gone. TNT Chem-Dry was easy to work with and very professional especially during a stressful time, while moving into our new home. Price was very reasonable! We’ll definitely recommend!

Jenna T.

Always the best customer service from TNT Chem-Dry. They call before they come and they are always very personable and professional! I highly recommend TNT Chem-Dry!

Bilo B.

Big thanks to Jim for personally coming out to make sure our carpets were done right. My wife and I are having our first baby so we wanted to make sure our carpets and floors were ready for our upcoming arrival. We were referred to TNT Chem-Dry by a friend so already had a positive opinion of them before the call. The whole process from phone call through completion went smooth. I love how you get that small business feel by working with the owners directly as they still put the customer first. Very personable and easy to get along with. You now have my business and recommendation fro life. Best carpet cleaning company serving Middle TN.

Chris K.

Old Hickory, TN

I was able to get a Saturday appointment without advance notice, the driver called and was extremely friendly and asked if he could arrive early. He did a fantastic job and asked about specific concerns I had and he recommended the right treatment. Never pushy, truly felt like he wanted to deliver the best cleaning options for my home. Thank you! will call you again!

Chris A.

All the employees were friendly and polite. The Tech was who came called ahead to let me know that he could come earlier than scheduled if I was okay with it which worked out great for me. He thoroughly cleaned the carpets and spent extra time trying to remove a spot. Great job for the price I paid.

Darla M.

Excellent service and process. I would highly recommend.

Ian R.

Punctual, reasonably priced, excellent work, pleasant folks, respects and appreciates their customers.

Bob W.

Pet stains don’t stand a chance when Tara and TNT Chem-Dry are involved. Reclaim your territory with these great people. Thanks.

Collin S.

Our technician was great- he was able to come earlier in the week than expected (due to a cancellation) and called ahead to make sure we were available. He did a great job- our furniture still looks/smells very clean. He was very friendly- even played with our dog/talked sports with me for a bit. Highly recommend this service!

Harry S.

I’ve used the services of TNT Chem-Dry many times. They’re a great company and they provide good service. I’m a realtor, so I call them out to different properties as needed. They’ve been consistently professional, prompt, and effective. I’ll continue to use their services and would highly recommend them!

David C.

Nashville, TN

They cleaned up my couches and my area rug and it turned out GREAT! The pet urine treatment knocked out the cat pee smell instantly! Thank you guys!

Brett F.

My carpet was very very stained. I didn’t have high expectations. Kevin did such an amazing job. My carpet looks the same as the first day I bought my house. I’m literally sitting here looking at how clean it looks. I only had the living room cleaned. But, I’ll definitely have the rest of the house cleaned. Thanks Kevin!


The carpets look wonderful. All the pet stains are gone. I will use this service again. The dogs really trashed my house while I was on vacation. TNT Chem-Dry treated the carpets for stains and odor. The carpets are clean and the rooms smell good. The PURT treatment worked great.

Marcia P.

Tim & Tara assisted me in getting our master shower cleaned. They answered my call & handled the job in a timely fashion. I highly recommend their services.

Lisa S.

Kevin was awesome! Knowledgable and provided a detailed cleaning. My carpet looks great! Thank you!

Marilyn E.

I had a great experience with TNT Chem-Dry. My carpets and upholstery look great. The tech was right on time, went over every service with me in detail and did not pressure me at all to do the add-on services. Will definitely use them again – and will probably try their tile services next time as well.

Opai K.

Will with TNT Chem-Dry cleans my carpets every year and does a great job!

Anne L.

TNT Chem-Dry has worked on behalf of many of our clients over the years and we so appreciate their prompt and professional service!

Cindy N.

Your tech did a fabulous job. He may have told you Blazer Brothers left the furniture spotted. After your treatment my furniture looks brand new. Thanks! The techs were on time and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend your service!

Lucy S.

I had an 8:30 am appointment. They called about a half hour before arrival to let us know they were in route. Our tech guy was courteous and professional. The area cleaned was about 550 sq ft and took about an hour. All in all it was a good experience.

Jay S.

Tech was extremely courteous and actually arrived early. Pet urine treatment was a must and really helped me feel better about the “cleanliness level” of the carpet in our new home. (as in comfortable enough to walk on it barefoot) I did pay extra for the deodorizer treatment. It smelled like fresh lemons for a day and went right back to smelling like the old homeowner’s stinky dog. not Chem-Dry’s fault, just an older home that we never properly maintained. Will definitely use them again.

Kristi B.

I have used TNT Chem-Dry for years and they always do a great job. I use them regularly for carpet and upholstery cleaning and granite sealing. You will not be disappointed. They are fair with prices and exceed my expectations each time (which is actually very hard to do).

A. Skinner

Tim is great. He knows his stuff extremely well and is thus able to quickly and clearly determine our cleaning needs. The price is great, and he gives recommendations for service without ever pressuring us into an upsell. Great company and service, I highly recommend them for your carpet cleaning.

David S.

Excellent!! This repeat customer will continue to have our carpets cleaned by TNT Chem-Dry. Our Busy and messy family of five – Amazing what they are able to do!

Lori C.

Great service! We recently got our carpets cleaned and TNT Chem-Dry made it easy and affordable. They were able to get a technician out within 24 hours and the carpets look and feel so much better. Also the dry cleaning allows the carpet to dry within a couple hours. I would definitely recommend TNT Chem-Dry!

Brian K.

Used TNT Chem-Dry recently to clean our carpets and was very pleased with their customer service, knowledgeable staff, courteousness, and they delivered what they promised, but most of all their PURT product completely removed cat urine odor from one of the carpeted rooms. I had struggled with getting it myself and this product is far superior to what I had used. I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Cheryl B.

The staff was very friendly and the service was excellent. My carpets looked amazing.

Rebecca M.

This is the second time we’ve had TNT Chem-Dry to our house–We wouldn’t use any other cleaner. From scheduling to “goodbye”, our friends at TNT Chem-Dry are so easy to work with and we know that the work is going to be done perfectly. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Dianna B.

I have used TNT Chem-Dry several times for my rental properties and they do a fantastic job. I can always count on them to show up for the appointment and get the job done without complications. They do a great job at removing pet odor as well.

Barbara S.

Am very pleased the way the carpet came clean. Tim the technician was prompt and didn’t waste any time to complete the job. Hate to have to walk on it now that it is clean! Would not hesitate to recommend TNT Chem-Dry to anyone.

Barb P.

I have a rental property in Nashville. I called TNT Chem-Dry to go out and clean the carpets for me. I couldn’t believe all of the damage my renter did in only one year! There were pet stains and a horrible smell throughout the house. The technician worked so hard on getting all of the stains out. The smell went away after a few days (which he said would happen as it worked) and it looks like a brand new carpet. He saved me about $8000 which is what Lowes would have charged me to replace the carpet. Thank you so much for taking care of me! I will certainly recommend your company to everyone I speak with.

Barbara S.

TNT Chem-Dry provided courteous and on-time service. Tim took the time to walk through the home to gain an understanding of problem areas and to make sure he listened to my concerns. He offered valuable advice as well as a very reasonable price for refreshing my carpet stain protection. Most importantly, the carpet was refreshed and looked like brand new again! I would highly recommend their service.

Derrick J.

2nd time I’ve used them. Will is the nicest!! I know I will see him again!!! I have used the Chem-Dry service many times in the past, but those franchises have gone. The system is the same and I am glad this company is in business!!!

Debbie M.

Old Hickory, TN

We were very pleased with the whole experience. It was easy to make an appointment, they showed on time and they did an excellent job cleaning. The man doing the cleaning was very polite, neat and professional. Will definitely call TNT Chem-Dry again in the future.

Ray D.

Thank you to TIM at T&T Chem-dry!!! I actually wish I could give him more than 5 stars. I found him to be highly competent, professional and very efficient. So I have 2 bathrooms upstairs that I thought I needed to retile because the grout and tile were unacceptably dirty. But I really didn’t want to go through the process of doing a complete retile (demolition + being at the mercy of the tiler’s work schedule + overall cost). So I did some research to see if there were any other options to get my tile and grout at least a little cleaner. I came across TNT Chem-dry in Yelp. I checked out their website. They seemed to just do carpets. But I went further in the website and saw that they did do grout and tile. I watched the video demonstration. I then made the phone call. Spoke to Tara who was so pleasant. She scheduled Tim within days! All and all, I could not be happier. The transformation is remarkable. It is quite an in-depth process which required using professional, heavy duty equipment – and Tim is truly an expert at it. I plan to definitely use them when I next need my carpets done – and I highly recommend TNT Chem-Dry to anyone I know that would need these services. They are a great team!!!

Karen B.

My technician was Andrew. Very friendly and professional. Work was done to my satisfaction at a great price. Will use again!

Vafa H.

Nashville, TN

These guys did a great job, were friendly, and were a breeze to work with. They showed up on time and explained everything very clearly for a first time customer. All the pricing and options were given to me up front with no pressure. They finished the job quickly I was really pleased with the result. Will definitely use them again.

Daniel M.

I searched online for someone to clean my carpets and sent an email to TNT Chem-Dry. I was able to ask questions and schedule my appointment online through emails with Tara from TNT Chem-Dry. She was very helpful. I even got a discount for scheduling online. Then her husband Tim came out and made my 9 year old, pet-soiled carpet look and smell brand new. He sanitized and treated it for pet accidents and the results were just fantastic. The best part was that the whole process took just a few hours. I would DEFINITELY recommend TNT Chem-Dry to anyone who likes clean carpets without long dry times and irritating chemical odors.

Laura B.

Nathan with TNT Chem-Dry came to my house yesterday, he was very professional and respectful. He was very honest with me about my Carpet. My Carpet was nasty and he brought it back to life. Nathan also educated me about my carpet and the stains in my carpet. I will definitely use TNT Chem-Dry again and I strongly recommend them. Ask for Nathan to come do your carpet and you will not be disappointed!!!

Allyson D.

Smyrna, TN

TNT Chem-Dry did a wonderful and thorough job on my carpet. I would recommend and definitely use them again. Response was fast and arrived promptly! This business is Professional and my carpet was clean and dried within 2 hours.

Jess M.

Nashville, TN

I tell you… 2 kids and a Dog, there were stains I didn’t think they would get out but they definitely proved me wrong! I wish I had before and after pics! Thanks TNT Chem-Dry!

Erik A.

Thompson's Station, TN

Fantastic first experience with this company. The technician although new was Chris and he really took his time and seems to care about carpet cleaning and care. You are presented with a couple of additional upgrades but if did not feel like a hard sell. I am very pleased with the end result.

Walter S.

Nashville, TN

TNT Chem-Dry has to be my favorite vendor of all time. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly, clean, and fast. The products are environmentally friendly. What more could you want?

Diana B.

Nashville, TN

Very professional! Justin arrived on time and worked very hard to clean my old sofa — he worked and worked and the sofa looked much much better afterwards! Thank you!!

Kimberley W.

Mount Juliet, TN

Courteous and efficient! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the job they did on my carpet and upholstery.

Jonathan D.

Tim was great! Arrived early which was great for me since I run a business from my home. Cleaned the carpets that were very dirty from pet stains. The carpet looks and smells great! I have always used TNT Chem Dry and will continue to use them.

Nancy B.

Nashville, TN

These guys are professionals in every sense! You will not find a better company to work with. Highly recommend.
Dennis C.

Nashville, TN

I’ve been using TNT Chem Dry for over 10-years and they never disappoint! I had all my carpet cleaned today and the rep was extremely polite, diligent, and kind. He also entertained my dog as my dog kept bringing him tennis balls to throw. The carpet looks great and I always value my annual cleaning.
Amanda S.

Nashville, TN

I randomly called this company after a google search and it was such a pleasant experience! Everyone I spoke with was informative and extremely nice!
Sarah M.

Nashville, TN

Great company…my wool rugs are clean and no longer spotted with pet urine! Yay!!! And, they cleaned my sofa and three chairs. I am so VERY pleased with their service…will use again and again! Thank you, Tim, Tara and Josh!!!
Lockey R.

Nashville, TN

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